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AlphaCell GXL

AlphaCell GXL batteries are long-life batteries with long run times and reliable performance in a range of applications. The AlphaCell 195 GXL and 220 GXL are designed for vigorous outdoor applications with a range operating temperature range and minimal  maintenance required. The high performance Silver alloy ensures the battery runs reliably for a longer period of time. 
Common applications for the AlphaCell GXL include traffic, broadband and wi-fi applications.

Product Technical Description


  • High-performance Silver Alloy for maximum life expectancy
  • Longer runtime for demanding outdoor environments
  • 100% runtime capacity out-of-box – no cycling required
  • Maintenance-free threaded inserts — no periodic re-torquing
  • Available with 4 and 5 year full warranties
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Valve regulated lead acid
  • High heat resistance
  • Low hydrogen emission

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