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APL Lithium Battery

The Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries (APL-48) are small, efficient, maintenance free, rugged batteries operating at high temperatures for optimal performance in the field. Each battery is fitted with a battery management system (BMS) for safety, reliability and longevity. The BMS provides protection from over voltage, under voltage, over temperature, over current, over charging as well as managing internal cell balancing. The BMS also reacts to any fault condition and automatically resets once the fault is cleared.
Traditional lead acid systems can be replaced with the LFP technology which can deliver more cycles and greater DoD. LFP systems are designed to offer 3 times more service cycles with smaller capacity and yet still yield the same useable storage as lead acid systems (as lead acid storage cannot exceed 75% DoD).
The LFP batteries work most efficiently when connected in parallel and due to the safeguards built into the BMS it is impractical to connect them in series.
Each module includes a capacity gauge and circuit breaker for individual isolation of each module before removal. 


Product Technical Description


  • Longer life with increased charge cycles
  • Zero emissions
  • Fully recyclable
  • Two thirds less weight than an equivalent lead acid batter
  • Built in smart battery management system
  • Non-toxic
  • Rated up to 55°C
  • Australian design
  • Simple Anderson quick release connector system
  • Possible 100 DoD each cycle
  • Light weight

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