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CX System Controller

The Cordex CXC and CXCI are compact system controllers with a range of features including graphic LCD touch screen user interface, integrated SNMP, user definable alarms, smart peripheral monitoring among others. The user interface allows access to the set-up, monitoring and control of installed rectifier modules and with the use of TCP/IP technology, it is possible to do so using a network web browser.
The CXCI log provides fault and performance analysis and can be accessed both locally and remotely. Both the CXC system controller and CXCI integrated system controller have a simple to use interface and are quick and easy to set up, saving time and resources.


Product Technical Description


  • LCD touch screen user interface
  • Integrated SNMP
  • High reliability CAN bus communication
  • User definable alarms and data logging
  • Battery management features
  • Smart peripheral monitoring features
  • Control via Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (CXCI)

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