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CXDF DC/DC Converter

The Cordex CXDF Series 2kW DC-DC converter system is ideal for providing  24VDC output from a 48VDC powering system for a range of dual voltage applications - including telecommunications applciations. It is a fan-cooled unit with high power density meaning it provides necessary power while maintaining its small size.
A 19" shelf can accomodate upto 4 2RU units and the system can be controlled  and monitored by either a Cordex CXC controller or integrated CXCI controller for stand alone use. 
Utilising TCP/IP technology makes local and remote setup, configuration and adjustment of the system a quick and simple task. System and equipment status can also be configured and monitored remotely using a network web browser.

Product Technical Description


  • DC-DC converter supporting small to medium 48VDC loads from 24VDC power systems (and vice versa)
  • High power density
  • Modular design
  • Upto 2kW output per module
  • Advanced monitoring and control including remote accessibility
  • Internal low voltage shutdown

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