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HPS Solar Cabinet

The HPS system is a prewired cabinet consisting of a maximum of 3 CF solar inverter/charger combination modules, 2 MPPT systems to maximise power output and efficiency and a central control unit. The cabinet comes prewired and can be installed and configured for 3-phase applications.
It is designed to be used in a self-sustainable system as well as in a hybrid power system to provide solar power.
The modular design and front accessibility of the cabinet ensures quick and simple on-site maintenance and repair. The integrated communication port allows users to access, monitor and communicate with the system remotely, and the CCU allows local monitoring of the system.
The CF series inverter/charger module outputs a maximum of 6kW/phase resulting in a total power of 18kW/system; the charger outputs 10kW and the MPPT system has a maximum available power of 6kW.

Product Technical Description


  • CCU
  • MPPT
  • CF series inverter/charger
  • Input circuit breakers for inverter
  • I/O circuit breakers for MPPT
  • Battery terminal
  • Communication Port
  • AC I/O terminal
  • AC I/O circuit breakers
  • Connector fir manual bypass

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