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Market Solutions

Alpha Power Systems provides a range of market solutions for a variety of applications. Our systems offer effective powering solutions for industrial and domestic needs.

TZM250 Inverter System
TZM250 Inverter S ...
The TZM250 modular inverter system is a three phase modular inverter system supplying AC power in an existing DC power infrastructure.
TZMX Industrial System
TZMX Industrial S ...
The TZMX power system is a fully integrated industrial power system which can supply DC 110V or DC 220V, DC 48V and AC 220V in a single cabinet.
TZN5 Inverter Sys
TZN5 Inverter Sys
The TZN5 is an inverter system designed for high power applications i.e. power generation plants and substations, supplying AC with DC infrastructure.
HPS Solar Cabinet
HPS Solar Cabinet
The HPS system consists of a maximum of 3 CF solar inverter/charger combination modules, 2 MPPT systems to maximise power output and a CCU.