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TZM250 Inverter System

The TZM250 modular inverter system is a three phase modular inverter system supplying AC power in an existing DC power infrastructure. Cabinets come in standard or customisable sizes and include integrated force fans for ventilation.
The cabinet can be configured for 48kVA or 36kVA output depending on applied voltage. The system is typically comprised of a TM250 modular inverter, TJ series monitor, static transfer switch, AC input switch, AC input surge protection device, DC input switch, maintenance bypass switch and MCB for output protection.
A rectifier can be added to the system and the surge protection rating and number of MCBs can also be customised.

Product Technical Description


  • Comes in 800 x 600 x 2000 mm, 600 x 600 x 2000 mm, or custom size
  • Uses HTM250 series inverter system
  • DC input MCB: DC input, bypass input and output
  • Integrated Manual bypass switch
  • MCB protected outputs
  • Uses TJ10 or TJ30 monitor module
  • Integrated metres for input and output monitoring

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