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TZMX Industrial System

The TZMX power system is a fully integrated industrial power system which can supply 110VDC or 220VDC, 48VDC and 220VAC in a single cabinet. The cabinet comes in standard or customised sizes and contains built-in force fan for ventilation.
The modular design allows configuration and customisation of voltage and allows simple expansion in the future. A typical system consists of a TRD/TRE series rectifier, TDS/TES converter, TM250 series modular inverter, AC input switch, AC input surge protector, DC input switch and a MCB for output protection.
The central display unit (CDU) displays all system parameters, fault information as well as keeping a history of faults.

Product Technical Description


  • Comes in 600 x 600 x 2000 mm or custom sizes
  • 7” touch screen CDU
  • Industrial rectifier module delivers 120VDC or 220VDC (TRD/TRE series)
  • Modular inverter module (TM250) delivers 230VAC
  • MCB protected outputs 120VDC or 220DC, 230VAC or 110VAC and 48VDC
  • DC converter module delivers 48VDC (TES/TDS series)
  • AC input MCB (AC input, bypass and DC)

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