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The AP-ATS-3 is a PC class three-section automatic transfer switch used for seamless operation and transfer between two power supply systems, that is, mains and back-up power (AC 50Hz, rated up to 400V and 630A). The internal monitoring system can detect the difference between two power sources and can switch between them when transfer conditions are met. This device can also send a generator-start signal if required.
The AP-ATS-3 exhibits resilient, high density silver alloy contacts that can withstand thousands of operating cycles, continuously loading 100% rated current without burning, pitting or melting.

Product Technical Description


  • High short time current withstand capacity
  • High short circuit making capacity
  • High density Silver alloy contacts
  • High make and break capacity
  • Compact Design
  • Three position isolation lock
  • Display controller integrated and detachable
  • Multiple controller functions

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