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APS 12V Series

The APS AC to DC battery charger has a multi rate charging function to extend battery life. It also has LED status indicators to indicate power on, floating charge or equaliser charge status. It provides both overload and short circuit protection as well as temperature compensation to ensure safe charging without damage.
This charger has a constant current output function as well as a rectifier function to ensure safe charging. It is small, light-weight and has a rugged design to prevent corrosion.
The APS 12V charger comes in 12A, 24A, 50A and 100A.

Product Technical Description


  • Light and compact
  • Automatic multi-rate charging setup
  • Temperature sensor for optimal charging
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Pole error and short circuit protection
  • Overload protection
  • Parallel operation module available
  • Constant current output
  • Rectifier function
  • LED status display
  • Smart cooling via thermostat controlled fan
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Reverse polarity protection

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