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FlexNet FiberUPS

The FlexNet FiberUPS is designed for field back up power in telephony, fibre to the house, fibre to the node, fibre to the curb and other communications equipment requiring 48VDC. The FlexNet FiberUPS can be wall, pole or ground mounted in a weather resistant enclosure to offer constant power during power outages and faults and under varying weather conditions.
For dedicated power to optical nodes and communication powering solutions, the FlexNet FiberUPS is a great choice offering great power solutions at a competitive price.

Product Technical Description


  • Power modules can be used in a variety of Alpha enclosures
  • Rugged 48VDC UPS for outdoor or indoor applications
  • Temperature compensated battery charging for extended battery life
  • Visual and electrical indicators for on-site and remote reporting
  • Flexible cabinet mounting

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