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Alpha FXM 350

The Alpha FXM 350 provides a total output power of 350W and features multiple selectable output voltages i.e. 120VAC with optional 24V AC and/or DC output enabling use across a range of equipment.
A 12VDC output via an optional distribution panel can support 12VDC devices; furthermore the USB communication port provides improved connectivity. The FXM 350 also features powerful firmware which provides enhanced remote monitoring and control.

Product Technical Description


  • 350W/VA total output
  • Small form factor  
  • Cost efficient
  • Multiple AC and DC output options, including 120VAC, 24VAC and 48/24/12VDC 
  • Suitable for applications with diverse loads
  • External communication via USB port and Ethernet SNMP interface
  • Local and/or remote monitoring and control
  • Independently programmable control and reporting relays
  • Wide Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) range
  • Continuous operation without transfer
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Easy integration with both AC and DC devices

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