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The UA-HT, with its durable design, is a high temperature, true-online UPS designed for high performance applications. The UA-HT offers excellent solutions in the military, traffic control equipment, communication, mining, highway signalling, railway, various solar applications as well as any outdoor powering applications.
The pure sine wave output ensures the UA-HT is also suitable for powering medical instruments, computers, telecommunication equipment and other industrial systems.

Product Technical Description


  • High temperature operation 
  • True on-line double conversion technology
  • Input power factor correction
  • Wide input voltage window
  • Precision output voltage regulation
  • Surge and transient protection
  • Remote emergency power off
  • Additional 5A charger
  • Advanced monitoring and UPS management features
  • Monitoring and management software
  • RS232 and USB standard with OPTIONAL SNMP

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