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TZN5 Inverter Sys

The TZN5 is an inverter system designed for high power applications i.e. power generation plants and substations, supplying AC with DC infrastructure. Cabinets are available in a range of sizes or can be customised to meet user demand/needs and are fitted with force ventilation fans.
A single cabinet can offer an output of either 30kVA or 20kVA depending on applied DC voltage. A cabinet would typically consist of TN5000 series TDI inverter, AC input switch, AC input SPD, DC input switch, maintenance bypass switch and MCB for output protection; bypass isolation can be included by request.

Product Technical Description


  • Comes in 600 x 600 x 000mm,800 x 600 x 2000 mm, 800 x 800 x 2000 mm or custom sizes
  • IntegratedTN5000 series TDI inverter works as a standalone unit or two units can work in parallel
  • Input MCB (bypass, DC and AC input)
  • Integrated output MCB
  • Input and output metres for monitoring
  • Integrated input SPD (class C or B)

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