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At Alpha Power Systems we offer a range of products to suit all your powering needs. Our product collection includes single and three phase products, indoor products, outdoor and high temperature powering products, AC and DC products as well as an array of others which can be used for a diverse range of both domestic and industrial applications.

UPS & Static Switches
At Alpha Power Systems we offer a variety of UPS and static switches to meet a range of powering needs for both domestic and industrial applications.
High Temperature UPS
Alpha Power Systems' high temperature UPS range includes line-interactive, on-line and DC UPS with operating temperatures between -40 & 74 degC
DC Powering Systems
The DC powering systems offered by Alpha Power Systems are designed to meet the demanding power needs of industry and conform to industry standards.
Alpha Power Systems provides a range of long-life batteries for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Surge protection
Alpha Power Systems provides surge protection for high power applications ranging from main distribution board protection to RF coaxial protection.
Alpha Power Systems is a leader in the design and manufacturing of stand-alone and modular inverters and inverter systems for various powering needs.
Outdoor High Temp UPS
Alpha Power Systems has a range of high temperature outdoor UPS, utilising the latest technology with a range of features for various powering needs.
Voltage Regulators
Alpha Power Systems provide voltage regulators that offer clean and safe power output and stability to protect your critical load/s.