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Alpha Power System’s Traffic light UPS is designed for power back up of medium to large intersections catering for up to 24 signalling groups.

At maximum load level, the UPS and batteries are designed to provide up to 4 hours of backup time for a 24 group controller with a 1400W load. For larger networks, larger systems are available for up to 3kW.

The ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller with External Uninterruptible Power Supply (ISUPS) is a new leading edge controller based on ATC’s class leading ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller for Large Intersections greater than 8 signal (phase) groups.

This product was developed to meet the needs of many traffic authorities faced with the challenge of maintaining traffic coordination during a power outage. The Intersection Safe Controller with UPS model (ISUPS) is designed as a dual cabinet solution mounted side by side, maintaining power to all signal groups (up to 24) and supporting a maximum total load of 1400VA for up to 4.5 hours.

ATC has chosen to use a second controller cabinet with the same dimensions and construction, internally fitted with the necessary UPS and batteries for simple mounting and IP compliance. The ISUPS model is designed with:

  • An integrated industrial temperature range
  • 1400VAUninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • GEL batteries

Sophisticated temperature sensing equipment allows the system and batteries to operate at a wider temperature range; battery temperature determines charging levels.

The ATSC4 Controller and its loads are powered by the UPS and the AC mains input is isolated while the controller always operates off the batteries. The two cabinets are connected via an AC cable in an underground conduit. This means that varying input AC voltage and noise won’t affect the running of the ATSC4 Logic Rack even if mains power is removed completely, and restored later. Monitoring the status of UPS outputs in the system is performed by the Logic Rack and reportable if required.

UPS electronics are always tested in harsh environments and have a wide operating temperature range of -400C to +740C. The ISUPS provides all of the advanced functionality of the ATSC4 Traffic Signal Controller for mission critical applications and continuous traffic management during power outages, brownouts and AC Mains Frequency variance.

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