The CFRTU6100 is a heavy duty, high temperature, low frequency, on-line UPS that is specially designed for rigorous applications where a standard commercial UPS could not survive.
This UPS can be used in a range of industries including rail, mining, steel, petrochemical, traffic management and has various applications other outdoor infrastructure.
The CFRTU6100 has an isolation transformer with the ability to withstand and hold back short circuit current from the UPS, keeping it safe from damage. Before shutting down, 15 attempts to re-start are made and if in that time the short circuit is removed, the UPS will automatically resume normal operation.


CFRTU6100 Technical Description

  • Online double conversion technology
  • Operating temperature to 60ºC
  • Outstanding overload capability
  • Generator compatible
  • Automatic temperature compensation charging
  • Integrated static bypass switch
  • Excellent shortcut protection with auto recovery
  • Smart current sharing technology supporting 1+1 redundancy system
  • RS232 or RS485 interface plus dry contact
  • Built-in SNMP
  • Comprehensive LCD, LED display & control panel
  • Optional bypass isolation transformer for full input isolation
  • Higher power available
  • External high power charger available for longer backup
  • High voltage range at generator input

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