The e-STS static transfer switches are available in single-phase, two-pole versions at 16A, 32A, and 50A. These switches ensure maximum reliability to loads by eliminating system failures caused by problems in distribution rather than the failure in power sources. The double-pole operation ensures flexibility for different types of electrical distribution.

The hot-swappable power and control components reduce repair time while keeping loads powered, thus minimising system downtime. Front to back, forced cooling/ventilation makes the e-STS ideal for application in data centres.

The e-STS switches easily and safely between 2 power supplies under synchronous and asynchronous conditions. A redundant power supply can be set up by enabling controlled switching between 2 independent AC power supplies; switching occurs when the power line characteristics surpass pre-set tolerances.

e-STS Technical Description

  • Primary power source can be set by user
  • Single-phase, 2-pole
  • Hot swappable solid state components
  • Forced ventilation with fan failure alarm
  • Front to back cooling – ideal for data centres
  • Break before make operation so 2 feeds are never connected in parallel
  • Safe switching between 2 independent power supplies
  • Redundant power supply switching
  • Synchronous and asynchronous switching

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