n-STS is part of the STS range and offers solutions suitable for protecting single-phase loads with different power ratings. n-STS is available in three sizes, 32A, 63A, and 120A, and is, therefore, able to satisfy various requirements for the protection of single-phase loads.

All versions are designed with criteria that facilitate on-site installation as well as diagnostics, control, and maintenance operations. All models are equipped with a manual bypass and the hot-swap function allows for rapid corrective interventions by non-specialized personnel in the event of faults.

All versions are equipped with 32-character LCD displays and control panels with multi-function keys. This allows for rapid and intuitive monitoring of supply readings, switch status, and environmental conditions.

n-STS is equipped with three standard programmable dry contacts, an input for emergency shutdown, a 232 serial connection, and a slot for housing the expansion board, thus ensuring the complete availability of interface solutions for remote control and monitoring.

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