AR Series

The AR series automatic voltage regulator features CPU control, LCD display, IGBT inverter design, a wide input voltage window, and excellent voltage regulation with a margin of 1%.
The AR Series is compatible with linear and non-linear loads and includes overload, high voltage, and low voltage protection. It also has a built-in surge suppressor (MOV), EMI & LC filters which provide pure and clean output.
The AR-33 is a 3-phase voltage regulator with input phase detector protection, high efficiency, and Sine wave pulse width modulation.


AR Series Technical Description

  • Wide input voltage window (± 25%)
  • Excellent voltage regulation (± 1%)
  • Compatible with linear and non-linear loads
  • Overload, low voltage & high voltage protection
  • Compact size, lightweight & low noise
  • Linear voltage regulator provides high reliability
  • Over 95% efficiency
  • Innovative design with high performance
  • CPU operation ensures reliability & constant protection
  • Built-in surge suppressor (MOV), EMI and LC filters provide put output
  • Sine wave Pulse Width Modulation, IGBT inverter design
  • Three-phase compatible

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