Cordex Rectifiers

Cordex Rectifiers switched mode rectifiers are designed at the forefront of innovation and advanced technology to meet a variety of industrial DC powering needs.

Cordex Rectifiers have advanced technology and innovative engineering come together to produce high efficiency, high performance, and reliable Cordex switched-mode rectifiers. These rectifiers are designed to recharge all types of stationary batteries and to meet the requirements of a range of industrial system applications.
Our Products include several features including hot-swappable modular design, power factor correction, high power density, and the ability to utilise TCP/IP technology to configure and monitor power equipment with the use of Cordex controller systems.

Cordex Rectifiers Technical Description

  • Power factor correction
  • Convection cooling
  • Hot-swappable compact design
  • High efficiency
  • Power limiting
  • Wide range AC input
  • Greater than 90% efficiency
  • Universal 120/208 to 240VAC input (250W, 400W and 650W model)

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