AP-MWNPB-1700 Battery Charger

AP-MWNPB-1700 is a miniaturized, versatile and ultra-wide voltage compact charger. It utilizes an intelligent digital control design with automatic battery voltage detection technology to provide a user friendly and safe working condition.

The charging voltage range of each model in the series is wide enough to cover a variety of different battery voltages and battery chemistries and there is a built-in voltage detection charging mode which is suitable for lithium battery with BMS. Four types of pre-set 2 stages or 3 stages charging curves can be selected to suit the battery’s characteristics. Also, the featured intelligent detection provides batteries a safe protection by proper battery voltage, correct connection as well as correct polarity. The charger passes ITE IEC/EN/UL62368-1 and household appliances EN60335-1/-2-29 dual safety.

AP-MWNPB-1700 can pair with AP-MWSBP-001 Smart Charging Programmer for digital configuration, such as adjusting charging voltage, charging current and charging cycle time, to prolong battery lifetime. In addition, the CAN Bus communication protocol allows remote controlling and monitoring for the status of the charger. It is truly an intelligent, safe and reliable universal charger with outstanding cost performance.


AP-MWNPB-1700 High Reliable Intelligent Battery Charger Technical Description

  • Intelligent, compact, safe and user friendly
  • Auto ranging with ultra-wide charging voltage
  • Built-in CAN Bus protocol for controlling and monitoring
  • 2 stages or 3 stages charging curves
  • Suitable for lead-acid and li-ion batteries
  • Protection: Short circuit, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-temperature, Reverse polarity
  • Temperature compensation function
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Thermal controlled DC fan for noise reduction
  • Remote On-Off control
  • Can pair with Smart Charging Programmer AP-MWSBP-001 (optional)
  • Carry handle accessory available (optional)
  • Comply with 62368-1, 60335-1/-2-29 dual certification

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