Cordex Rectifier Shelf Systems

Alpha’s Cordex Rectifier Shelf Systems series includes a complete range of modular rectifier shelf systems to meet the needs of worldwide telecommunications applications. Cordex modular shelf systems are available to fit various 12V, 24V, 48V, and 125VDC application needs. 19” rear access solutions are available in a five-module bulk output version as well as a four-module integrated solution with an AM plug-in breaker distribution module. Complete front access versions are also available in 23” and 19” which include a distribution module accommodating both plug-in breakers and GMT fuses. CXCI HP integrated controllers are standard with all shelf systems.

The Cordex rectifier modules feature complete hot-swap ability, high efficiency with power factor correction, unique power limiting capability, and a wide range of input. Convection cooling and an ultra-compact design also make Cordex shelf systems ideal for the telecommunications industry.


Cordex Rectifier Technical Description


  • Single shelf modular rectifier solution provides multiple 12V, 24V, 48V and 125VDC configurations for various applications
  • Convection cooled design for high reliability in harsh industrial environments
  • Front access options for space restricted enclosures
  • Integrated DC system capability with controller and distribution module options
  • Wide range of cabinet models of all IP ratings and arrangements catering for customers' needs


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