The X3 HT is an on-line double conversion (VFI) UPS with filtered and stabilized sinusoidal output voltage. The X3 HT is immune to the interferences on the electric power supply lines as it has special input and output filters.

It has been designed so that it can be connected in parallel even after the installation of the first unit. The power availability can be increased as a results of various configurations available such as the parallel configuration, the dual bus function and the dynamic dual bus system.

X3 HT Technical Description

  • 3-phase in/ 3-phase out, on-line double conversion technology with filtered and stabilised sinusoidal output voltage.
  • Fitted with input and output filters, immune to interference on power supply lines.
  • Digital microprocessor controller.
  • The ECO mode increases efficiency up to 98% thus reducing energy dissipation and running cost by using mains as priority for the load and switching to the inverter only when mains characteristics exceed set parameters.
  • High overload capability, galvanic isolation and low harmonic distortion and all power ratings.
  • The front mimic panel allows access to menu items and information including.
  • The diagnostics system contains up to 128 alarms and messages.
  • Back feed protection.
  • UPSMon software displays in bar graph form the input/output voltage, load applied, remaining back-up time, etc.
  • The Dual Bus System powers priority loads from 2 independent sources can be merged together .


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