XT-2000 UPS

The XT-2000 high temperature outdoor UPS provides constant reliable backup power to outdoor equipment as well as optionally acting as a Power Transfer Switch. The XT-2000 provides stable power to critical loads using the embedded AVR when utility power is good and will instantly switch to back-up power when there is a utility fault.

The optional PTS module allows the UPS to be serviced or replaced with no interruption to loads.


XT-2000 UPS Technical Description

  • Continuous power to critical loads
  • Wide operating range -40 – 80°C
  • Built-in boost and buck AVR to regulate input voltage
  • Selectable transfer time for normal or generator mode
  • Provides RS-232, USB and SNMP capabilities
  • AC input, AC output and battery circuit breakers
  • User adjustable charging current
  • Adjustable input threshold voltage
  • Programmable signals for dry contacts
  • Battery compensation for optimal battery life

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